Thursday, February 02, 2017

Nota Cinta


Hai, Bobo!
Miss me much?
Over kau, Paghah.

Hidup ni bagai roda. Kadang kita diatas, terkadang kita dibawah.
Yang penting, kita sentiasa pegang janji kita pada Maha Esa.

Terkadang, Allah beri kita ribut
Biar kita tahu indahnya suria
Allah bagi kita petir
Agar kita selami bahagianya mentari
Dan Allah uji dengan tangis
Kerna Dia Tahu kita bakal rasa manisnya senyum
(kadang kadang uols i bergurindam syair segala)

to be frank, the new phase in life sure is different from the previous chapter.
I have never been in any relationship other than of those we call family & friends.
And suddenly, i tied the knot with a person i barely knew then.
Hence i still have these walls surround me. Pity Mr Husband, had to put up with my antics.
But likewise, we learn things everyday.
The more days passed by, the more my heart melt.
We had a little fight recently (little la kot. Kot cerita kat orang malu mek kena gelak gaduh pasai pa haha), but then Allah lead us a way for us to fall in love more towards each other, to know more about one another.
In the end, both of us miss each other badly.
And make silly excuses just so we could meet each other even just briefly.
(did i ever mention Mr Husband is now on his studies so basically we are weekend-couple for about three years to come?)
So yes, i am still getting used to my new title, but am so grateful Allah has given me the best for me.
Why am i so confident he is?
Because......i could not really answer that because that's just how i feel now.
May our journey be blessed by Him always. I know it wont be smooth all the way, i'll feel good enough with His blessing. Amiin.
So then, after a little fight, Mr Husband texted a love note.
I yang ngorat dia (because we fought because of MY tantrum. So, i had to fix it padanmukakaupaghah!), tapi end up i yang blushing sebab tersipu with his note.
So i guess, that text can be my ration at times i fall and could not get up, no? ^_^

hew hew hew

You're entering the cheesy zone and that is not really my writing niche.

Yang Blog tapi Ended the Post Abruptly,
Farah Diana.

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