Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You're Awesome!


Every single day i had these butterflies in my tummy. Wondering will i be able to teach those little khalifahs?
Whether they get bored of my presentations?
Whether they look forward to learn new things at school every day?
Or whether this teacher is teaching things they already know well?

Yesterday, a girl from the class came to me when i was busy giving works to her friends.
"Teacher Farah..."
"Yes, Alveena?"
"Teacher, you're awesome!"
Terkedu sekejap. I thought i heard it wrong.
"Come again, sayang? What was it?"
"You're awesome, teacher Farah!"

Masha Allah, oh anak!
Setahu aku, nama je ada degree, tapi aku tak pernah tahu macam mana nak kenalkan dunia dan isi kandungannya kepada makhluk kecil yang suci, yang full of curiosity , like i was back then.
I know ABC, 123 & Alif Ba Ta, but how do i teach them to know those too?
Clueless. Jujurnya, this teacher memang agak blank.

But just with that simple words by a dear student, i felt like i really have to work harder for them.
Because the impact was just....speechless. Rasa nak terbang, rasa ringan dalam pada masa sama, rasa masih tak cukup effort dicurahkan untuk anak anak itu, puuuun mereka dah rasa awesome sangat.
Walaupun hakikatnya aku sedar, this teacher is very lacking of lots of things. still. Masih banyak yang teacher had to install inside otak teacher ni because this teacher was trained to design & build buildings but she refused to put her heart into it (or maybe she was too scared to handle it).
This teacher was lost in her path somehow.
But Alhamdulillah, Allah masih sayang agaknya. Diberi Nya cabaran baru.
It is as tough as other jobs i have done, sometimes i feel like it's even tougher.
But at the end of the day, ada satu rasa yang aku sendiri tak tahu nak khabarkan macam mana.

Tak. Aku tak rasa aku layak lagi terima "awesome!" dari sesiapa.
Mungkin takkan pernah.
Mungkin anak itu masih naif untuk menilai manusia yang lainnya,
But one thing for sure, i will try my best to deliver amanah baru ini.
Because we never know, how long we could hold on things in this world.
Ada mungkin aku tak bisa habiskan setahun penuh bersama anak anak itu.
Mungkin jugakah satu hari aku rasa lemau melayan kerenah mereka (so far, penat macam mana pun aku rasa hati aku all the time tenang melayan mereka. Alhamdulillah)?
Whatever it is, thank you Allah for giving me this opportunity. And thanks little angels, for teaching me the true meaning of life.
One day, you'll grow up into one fine lady & guy, maybe that day you might not remember who i was, but that's okay my dear sayangs. Even the thought of all of you that's going to shape the nation & ummah itself have made me very grateful. May Allah always protect all of you, in this world and the Hereafter. Amiin.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Learning to teach, teaching to learn


Ha. Dari dulu sampai sekarang, kau memang pegang kemas title ratu emosi tu kan?
Semalam, duduk sembang dengan Principal (oh. I've been keeping this low for about two months already, but hey, I am enjoying life now. So, here goes; am a kindy teacher now. Looking forward to be a good one though. Huuu. Masih rasa tak layak di panggil teacher lagi for now.)

"Farah, how are you feeling working here for almost two months already, Farah?" - P
"I am at some sort of peace, Teacher M*!" - F
"Really? Peace?" (looking sort of confused, add on background jeritan bebudak panggil Teacher Paghah masuk kelas balik -.-) -P
"Yes, Teacher M! Been struggling these few years, but i found peace even though i still struggle getting these kids' attention at class" - F
(Muka terkejut lagi) "Tell me about it!" - P
.....nak sembang lagi luah perasaan terbuku kononnya. Tapi seorang Wise Owls dah sampai ke pintu dan melalak: "Teacher Farah!! They dont want to share the colors!!"
Fine kids. Fine. Saja kan hangpa tak mau kasik chance teacher layan emosi sat! Its okay, sayangs, its okay, for all of you, teacher simpan emo tuh balik store and will be with you all the time, in sha Allah.

Penat? Oh memang! Dengan nak mengejar one special kid yang hyper (but Subahanallah, sangat bright, sangat cute toksah cakap lah) yang all over the school yang kadang kadang memang test patience to the top level and the other 10 (total kids in my class are 11), physically & mentally penat woi!
In the end of the day, ada satu kepuasan yang tak pernah aku dapat selama ni.
Like what i told the Principal, ketenangan.

Okay. I need to pen off now.
Online nak cari bahan kononnya, tapi sebab ...ehem... biasa lah, bila emosi beraksi gittew.... terdampar lah mek disini seketika.
In sha Allah, akan throw more words here in the future sharing my experience and journey.

p/s: Emo mode konon. sekali dapat satu call je, terus cair. okbai.

Thursday, February 05, 2015



Hello peeps! Oh well, the travelogue on India seem to be way out of date already, i think.
I shall remain it in the past, shall i? Malas dah mek nak recall the details. Maybe some of the days i'll throwback some doodles i made during the trip, no?

How is life treating you, dear love?
Having lots in mind is no joke, Bobo!
Be it happy thoughts, combined with those of heart-racing, heart-breaking seconds, they sure messing up the space. *haihh*

Whatever it is, i do hope i could hold on to what is dear to me.
Those painful past can now make their way into the black hole.
I'm giving & saving more space for new memories & experience.
Even though there are a few things more painful might surface, i'll leave that to Him as He Knows better.

I wish, that the future is brighter than yesterday.
I wish, that the storm will end with a rainbow.
I wish, that the rain will wash the pain away.
I wish, that there's no more sorrow.
I wish, that their smile and their worries fade away.
I wish, that her pain will subside and she is back into the way she used to be.
I wish, that all good things in the world, will be cherished by every single human alive.
I wish, there will never be pain in this world, just flowers & candy clouds!
In sha Allah. Amiin.