Saturday, October 20, 2007

PRamlee The Musical

P.Ramlee The Musical, 19 Okt 2007: the first musical play i've been to.yippee!

the craziness occured while making reservation for the tickets, the kelam kabuts of kalut untuk purchase THOSE 8 tickets, those penin-penin lalat organizing who's going wif who...yes, paid off! now so mengantuk but cant put myself into sleep ...yet... coz sangat mau everyone to know that i really LOVE the show! haha! sean ghazi (played the "P Ramlee) totally bikin para gadis cair!! ched yusoff (correct spelling? apa2 la...) as "Sukardi" oso cute... hillarious tho! hehe. liza hanim (as "Saloma"), i never thot her voice was as merdu b4. really, sebelum ni aku rasa cam ok-ok la. but she did totally changed my mind on hor merdu she can be! waY to go, hot mama!! eyh... whose that girl playing the "Lil' Azizah"? whoa....she blew my mind tho! sangat sedap dgr suara dia. waduh! anip and his fren terbeliak bijik mata (duh! boys!) owh, saya suka set dia masa mula2 tuh... uuu!i love!hihi! scene paling syok = sally n remy! awww....they're so cute!!!
haishh...wish i cud watch the show again, minus the "gurls' heads" that blocked my most possible view (felt like chopping off their heads, man! sit still lah! err.... sorry la to ppl behind fara-d, i just couldn't sit still coz the girls in front of me won't!hehe...). i love i love i love! if not because the tix are all sold out err... perhaps, if i am earning more than i am now, i wud have sat the rm200 seat! isk isk! first time menonton teater, sudah faham y ppl sanggup pay a lot. tambah the show was splendid. aihh! bahgia!
k. selamat tdo. lega!hehe

P.Ramlee The Musical, 19 Okt 2007: hehe....sudah officially mengaku cair sama itu lead actor lah!! lalala

p/s: haishh...end of having fun...esok mula pulun tak tdoq buat kerja lagik! adoi la....