Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Chin up!

Okay. I am really glad that no one really read my blog hahahahahha.
Senang mak nak curhat sini kihkihkih.
Because i really want to express words but every single channel, ada je la tukang bertenggek. Haihh!
Sini jangan kacau please. Baca ke tak ke...diam je. Kbai.

Am i having my mid-life crisis now? Dah tua kot mid life jadahnya? Grrr!
I love teaching. Or wait. Let me rephrase that, i love being a preschool teacher. But truth is, i am not really confident with myself. Besides, the economic atmosphere is also not helping either.
I am slowly getting demotivated, tired, exhausted.
I feel bad.
Super bad.
I owe those kids a lot. I wanted to make it up this year, but i seem to underperform...again. *sigh!*
I am trying hard to pull myself back up, to fight for it this time.
Why is it so hard?
Until yesterday, when mummy wished congrats to my sis for her achievement on Guru Prestasi Cemerlang with a beautiful set of words about being a teacher.

Okay. See?
I know i can do this.
Whenever i feel stuck, i will write crap and pull myself to be back on track.

Someone is really doing his best to spend the rest of his life with me, and i simply give up mine?
Come on, Farah Diana, you are much better than this.

Dear Mr. P,
IF. I say, IF (sebab saya tak rasa awak akan pernah terjebak layan blog saya ni pun muahahaha), you ever find this post,
Ketahuilah bahawasanya selain  Yang Satu, Mummy dan keluarga saya, setiap hari semangat saya semakin pulih hanya kerana terharu dengan usaha awak. Thank you. May Allah bless you dunia dan akhirat.
Tett. I am starting to sound cheesy. Sangat not me HAHAHAH.
Keep it to yourself, Farah.

Sebelum aku makin menjadi jadi kekaratan jiwa, baik aku log off. Pfft!

Yang Jiwang Sekali Sekala,
Farah Diana.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blog? Apa tu?

Assalamualaikum people.

It is amazing i still realize i have a blog.
Still feel like writing.

Well, do people still blog these days?
And do people even read blogs anyway?
For those who still do (write), may i know why do u still doing it?
Just curious anyway.
Does people blog for the same reason as i do; to share thoughts regardless anyone reading & to simply throw some words for own future reference?

Ok. This post seem to have so many questions and i doubt anyone ever bother to answer me hahahahha.
Oh well. I'll just continue writing whenever i feel like to. Not gonna bother anyone, no? 😊

Yang Penuh Persoalan,
Farah Diana.