Tuesday, July 01, 2014



In the journey of seeking the path, it is possible that you lost your track not just once in a while, perhaps numerous times. Just when you thought you nailed it, obviously a stack of blocks will come rolling in front of you. No one said life was easy, no?
One might be on the journey digging gold, one might be striving for happiness, the other might be just struggling to make it through.
Not everyone's path is lead towards wealth, some might just wanted a simple life, breathing happily (constantly fight his/her own battle, of course).
Again. Life is a battle, no?
Sure, everyone's fighting their own battle.
Respect that. If they got lost, pull them back or just throw him/her a soft reminder, don't totally assume they fall hard. Well, they might be, but barging into his/her battle entirely isnt gonna help him/her either. Perhaps they are settling in, blending with the tasks & quests.

Okay! I hate myself sounding too serious! pfft!
But oh well, i guess i need a space to scribble and let it stay there and cross that tough path.
Like the famous saying, when life gives you lemon, make lemonade! ^_^
ps: Puasa ha! jangan nak gatal berlemonade sangat sesiang nih ha! uuuuh. Terliur pulak, mana nak carik lemonade nih hey?! T_T