Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wash it Off!

Photocredits: Konah


Oh well.
Perhaps, i came to my sense where i am addicted to that social platform we call facebook, no?
To say it does not generate positive vibes thoughout these years would be unfair, though. But right at this moment, I somehow noticed that I have been badly influenced, and it is depleting my brain in rationalize things. Thus, good bye, Facebook! You'll be missed!
I really do have to undergo this "treatment", until i can calm down and put things in order professionally. And after I can differentiate what is real and not. AND after I repair my relationship with The One And Only.
That's it.
Got it!
I have been astray for too long that my spiritual activities have been neglected for quite some time.
Shame on YOU, Farah!

There. Did I just made a confession?

Yes I did.

And I hope I am given the chance to put myself back on track. In Sha Allah.

Yang Perlu Bertenang,
Farah Diana MH.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016



Been having sore throat last week. And we have a performance for the Maulid Nabi's celebration next week.
Besides the parade around masjid, we were assigned to perform a nasyid. So Tough Tigers (5yo) combining with the Excellent Eagles (5yo too), Eco Explorers (6yo) & Planet Protectors (6yo) will be performing a nasyid together.
Before i learnt that we were to combine, i have started practicing with my Tough Tigers despite my vocal disability at that moment.

Teacher: Okay kids, i am pretty sure my voice is not beautiful at this moment (pui! Macam la time tak sakit tu merdu suara kah Paghah?!),  but just bear with me and sing along the song i am going to teach you, alright?
Kids: Yes, teacher.

After completing 2 verses, a student voiced out,

Amna: Teacher, how about we put on the song and we sing along to the music like u did earlier, teacher?
(And their friends nodded in unity)
Teacher: Hah! You want to tell me you dont like my voice? It's horrible, rightttt? (Pura-pura sentap)
Amna & Ayla: NO, teacher NO NO NO! Suara teacher sedaaaaap!
(And yes, i dont know but sometimes these kids they agree on things like they just had a meeting earlier!)
Teacher: Dont lie! Im sure this is because u prefer to put on the music because you dont want to hurt your ears listening to my voice,arent u?
Amna: No, teacher, NO! Suara teacher seeedaaap.
Amna suruh teacher pasang lagu sebab senang la teacher tak payah nyanyi bukan sebab suara teacher tak sedap, tapi sebab kesian teacher kena nyanyi. Teacher kan sakit tekak, kalau teacher nyanyi juga, nanti bila tekak teacher nak baik?
Ayla: Ha! Betul tu! Yes yes teacher. Put on the song please!

.....(krik krik!)

Mata teacher masuk habuk, sayang!

Such pure hearts, at that small age, they can consider pros and cons of things on others, whether they can make it better or worse.
Masha Allah. Im touched!

I owe to all of you so much!
All of you taught so much more than what i have tried to teach you all these while.
I pray and will always pray that all of you become a well-being adults, khalifahs, that will bring our nation and people up to another level filled with His blessings, in sha Allah.
Its okay if u dont remember teacher Farah, as long as you serve to The Almighty and help beautify our future, im pretty sure i can smile and be proud of you (already am! 😊)

Yang Sungguh Terharu,
Farah Diana MH.