Saturday, February 11, 2017

Writer's block

Gittew tajuk. Writer's block katanya.
Sejak bila kau fefeeling writer ni cik Paghah?

Takpe lah. Let me take this blog for my practice to familiarize myself with writing upon my next chapter.
Hopefully tercapailah hasrat nak sambung belajar ecewah.
Even though i know i mostly write crap here but well.... I need to start somewhere, don't i? Hew hew hew.

We have CNY Celebration at school soon. And my kids need to do some choral speaking for the event.
Yes i had the script. Just finished it though.
But serius lah depa can do this? It's quite long and we have barely two weeks to get it done.
Farah Diana being ambitious. Buat ayat untuk bebudak tu kemain vavavoom lepas tu kau sendiri kalut depa can commit it or not. Hish! Maybe i should simplify it?
BUT (pardon me for using excessive 'but' today. But i had to. writer's block, remember? pui!) what should I highlight.
CNY means.....
Mandarin Oranges
The year of Rooster
Lion Dance
Makan besau.
Gahhhhhhh! Teacher Ng i need u like NOW!!

krik krik. 
Let's just save that panic attack for weekdays, shall we?
It's the weekend! Such a waste to spent it with work. errr....errr....UNLESS i am a student
Fish! Speaking of which, Teacher M assigned us with art & craft portfolio for us to submit real soon. AND FISH AGAIN!! My lesson plans alamaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!

Okay. Hakak sign off dlu sebab writer's block tak writer's block, lesson plan hakak dok menari2 depan mata hakak sana. Fiuuuuuuu!!

Yang Super Panik,
Farah Diana.

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