Friday, March 13, 2015

Stand tall, dont look back

Assalamualaikum love!
Gituh! Fefeeling British sangat nak berLove sangat kan! :P

Okay. I guess i have to start practice writing to resurface this blog.
As a platform to brush up writing skills (yang sumpah tak seberapa tu!) & try to build up content-arranging-skill or whatever they call it.
I may not be equipped with those jargons or bombastic skill in business or marketing whatnot, but i got to start somewhere, dont i?
Ohoy! This implies to whatever living skill exist. Yours truly is obviously trying to coupe with as much as she could grab to survive today's world *q muzik tragis berkumandang sambil lap hingus*

With or without readers, i'll just throw my humble words here to keep myself regularly writing & learning. After all, i promised the kids to work hard in helping them shape tomorrow's world, didnt i? ^_^

So, Bobo, help me here okay!
Please sabar with yours truly as she most likely tend to be wonky here trying to get things together.
Life's a neverending puzzle that needs us to ensemble the pieces together bit by bit. Gather the cute pieces and toss away those torn parts. and complete the puzzle with a happy heart
*ha kau! start bermadah omputeh dah cik Paghah kita*
so till then,
this is me, signing off to sign back in real soon!
Toodles, love!

Yours truly.