Monday, October 23, 2006


[a postponed entry - 16 okt 2006]

im doin my design right now and things begin to get worse and worse every time a second passes by. at times like dis, at times when the energy level are always on the critical level, emotion does play the "role" very well. *wtfiSh* here comes the emo-me!!!haihhhh.......

as usual, things will get super-emotional at 'these' time where the brain is loaded with tonnes of tasks and's just me....i guess.....

well, those who are reading this entry might not understand wat i am writing at this moment. i dare not write the "real" feelings , afraid that some 'heart' might get hurt. though i myself are deeply injured. just let it be.... i dont give a damn to my own heart as long as the people i love are all in good condition -physically and hurts deep down under but ...nvm! let me keep it to myself.
"what's the matter??"
please dont bother asking coz im not answering. describing the pain is as painful as it is. so PLEASE dont say anything. i need no comment on this entry coz the heart is deeply injured and is not able to respond to any comments nor compliments (duh?!)
"sorry!the number u have dialed is currently unavailable. dont bother to try again cause it'll just be a waste of time as NO answer is all u'll have!"

read dis lyrics of HiLang by OST Garasi. deep meaning.certainly does not just picture the lovey-dovey life, but also implies on the relationship called f.r.i.e.n.d.s............

dimanakah cinta SEJATI?
yang memberi ketenangan hati
sampai kapan ku harus menanti?
kau PERGI dan mungkin takkan kembali
dan aku MENANGIS dan aku TERLUKA
bila.....engkau menghilang

kau PERGI dari KU
kau tinggalkan KU
lewati malam tanpa kasihmu
ku rangkai kata
ku rangkai nada
yang ku inginkan hanyalah CINTA
semua kerna CINTA ku MENANGIS
semua kerna CINTA ku tertawa
yang kau tinggalkan hanyalah LUKA
dan semua MENGHILANG.........................

p/s: note the difference......again.... it's great if u understand, if not....again, dont bother to ask.....cause i WONT answer! just glad that some still stay firmly by myside for me to enjoy this life.....