Saturday, February 18, 2017

Once in a fortnight


I thought, I am having a super long weekend this week, even though it is still the same Saturday and Sunday like everyone else is having.
Well, like I have said, I once thought I am an independent girl who can sail this world all by herself doing whatever she desires. Well, do not get me wrong, I AM still that girl who have dreams and can stand on her own feet, but at the same time, I don't know why I feel a bit lost whenever he is not around. Hmmm. I can pretty much keep myself busy during the weekday mornings since i have the minions to occupy me with. But, as day turns later, i start to feel all emotional when i don't keep myself busy with activities like swimming, hanging out the girls or anything. Because if i am not occupied with things, my mind will start to roam about the fact that my other half is not gonna be home today.
Okay, i sounded like a very rimas girl yang duaploh empat jam je nak berkepit dengan encik Suami.
Kasik chance lah uols, hakak baru nak mula bercinta dengan suami hakak ni.
Korang pun tak pernah tengok hakak tulis apa apa pasal lelaki kan? Tak pernah kannn?
Okay la, hakak janji, hakak try not to mushy too much in my upcoming posts!
I will find more universal topics so that it is more useful for my future self to refer things to. At least, this Bobo here won't be solely emotional platform, no?

But, before i hit the sack, i just want to do a starjump because..........
Mr Husband's coming back tomorrow morning! Spontaneously uols!
Kalau tak sebab curfew kolej dia, hakak dah zasss sampai Sungai Buloh uols! Sabar jap.
Hakak perhati je mak Guard tu eh. Nasib baik mak Guard2 situ so far murah senyuman takde buat kerek ngan hakak yang cas retis bila pi visit laki hakak tu.

Okay. I need my beauty sleep. Till then, love.

Yang Penuh Rasa Cinta (pinjam tagline bff hakak Aliesha Kirana sat lah. Hi Ella! hehehe),
Farah Diana.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Writer's block

Gittew tajuk. Writer's block katanya.
Sejak bila kau fefeeling writer ni cik Paghah?

Takpe lah. Let me take this blog for my practice to familiarize myself with writing upon my next chapter.
Hopefully tercapailah hasrat nak sambung belajar ecewah.
Even though i know i mostly write crap here but well.... I need to start somewhere, don't i? Hew hew hew.

We have CNY Celebration at school soon. And my kids need to do some choral speaking for the event.
Yes i had the script. Just finished it though.
But serius lah depa can do this? It's quite long and we have barely two weeks to get it done.
Farah Diana being ambitious. Buat ayat untuk bebudak tu kemain vavavoom lepas tu kau sendiri kalut depa can commit it or not. Hish! Maybe i should simplify it?
BUT (pardon me for using excessive 'but' today. But i had to. writer's block, remember? pui!) what should I highlight.
CNY means.....
Mandarin Oranges
The year of Rooster
Lion Dance
Makan besau.
Gahhhhhhh! Teacher Ng i need u like NOW!!

krik krik. 
Let's just save that panic attack for weekdays, shall we?
It's the weekend! Such a waste to spent it with work. errr....errr....UNLESS i am a student
Fish! Speaking of which, Teacher M assigned us with art & craft portfolio for us to submit real soon. AND FISH AGAIN!! My lesson plans alamaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!

Okay. Hakak sign off dlu sebab writer's block tak writer's block, lesson plan hakak dok menari2 depan mata hakak sana. Fiuuuuuuu!!

Yang Super Panik,
Farah Diana.



Eh Memorning i today.
Bangga tak? *muka senyum sambil jeling roomate masih membuta. Kekeke.*

Recently, we just lost our dear granduncle due to cancer too.
He suffered around three months. I guess he was blessed because his final days went quite well for him.
As we never get the chance to feel how to have a grandfather, he was the closest we could get. Thank u, Tok Chik. Rest well. May Allah place u at the best spot in Jannah. Amiin.

So, then we had tahlil at his house. Of course we came across so many relatives that i bare know their names. HAHAHA. *told you i'm bad at names!*
But i do recall their faces though.
Upon leaving the majlis,
"Balik dulu." *salam*
"Okay. Where do you teach now?"
"Where? oooooh. The same place"
"You're an English teacher, kan?"

"Sort of. I teach all subjects"
*muka terkejut*

"I'm a preschool teacher"
*muka pelik pulak* "Pre....what?"
"Preschool. Kindergarten."
"Ouuuuh! Tadika. That's easyyyyy" *walks away*
PANG! Penampar hinggap dimuka sambil mulut ditonyoh cilipadi
ok part last tu hanya imaginasi liar penulis. Even though i'd rather ask her to come and be a preschool teacher for a day and THEN say it IS easy.

Tapi, apakan daya. Kiranya ku menjawab, alamat mek dilabel biadap. Habis, yg elder has the privilege to be rude then?
Sabar cik Paghah.
Don't let these negative vibes kill you.
Just one stigma will not vanish the thousands support and love you have been getting all around you.
And for that, I thank Allah and wish He would bless those people with great love and support all these while. Hanya Yang Satu Itu mampu balas jasa baik mereka. Amiin.

Penat kot kalau aku nak bebel pasal ni. Pasal betapa semua orang ada battle masing masing so stop judging.
Orang tu keje senang gaji besau.
Orang tu gaji besau so dia kena la OT selalu.
Dia tu anak Tan Sri, senang la nak masuk line.
SEMUA orang ada struggle dia. unless u are in their shoes, dont ever assume their life is easy.
Memang, kerja aku senang. Tapi sebab aku suka kerja aku. so be it. But i know not all can commit like i do.
KALAU la aku ni kejar harta...hoi idok le mak nak jadi cikgu tadika nyah. Gaji kecik, bro. Pening banyak. Penat takyah cakap la walaupun half day load je hakikatnya.
Eh? Tadi kau kata taknak bebel. Pui!

PS: Ye, Farah Diana memang suka stop entry abruptly. Sebab telinga mek dah tangkap roomate dah nak bangun. Kang kantoi i tengah emo kahkahkah.

Yang Maintain Ratu Emo,
Farah Diana.

Friday, February 03, 2017

New Chapter


Well, 2017 has been a whole new chapter definitely.
Look lah loooook, i can even blog more frequent. Ceh!
Maybe i'll blog frequently these coming three years, as to fill up my time whenever Mr Husband's not around. This is my plan to keep me sane. KAHKAHKAH!

Hence, i guess i'll find more topics so that i can write more later.
AND. So that i could brush up my language.
Dah ada pulak a dear friend asked me to coach her English, in return she coach me swimming. Err....more to make sure i swim or jog frequently actually.
So yes, I'll buy that.
I need to get fit.
I want to join runs again like the old days.
and can not lose to Mr Husband loh!
He leads fitness crew bagai, bini mandom. OH NO!
Malu mek ohkay!

So, kau tunggu sana RUNS and HIKING TRIPS (maybe?). Tunggu kau jap. Aku nak warm up balik ni!

Yang Berkobar-kobar,
Farah Diana.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Nota Cinta


Hai, Bobo!
Miss me much?
Over kau, Paghah.

Hidup ni bagai roda. Kadang kita diatas, terkadang kita dibawah.
Yang penting, kita sentiasa pegang janji kita pada Maha Esa.

Terkadang, Allah beri kita ribut
Biar kita tahu indahnya suria
Allah bagi kita petir
Agar kita selami bahagianya mentari
Dan Allah uji dengan tangis
Kerna Dia Tahu kita bakal rasa manisnya senyum
(kadang kadang uols i bergurindam syair segala)

to be frank, the new phase in life sure is different from the previous chapter.
I have never been in any relationship other than of those we call family & friends.
And suddenly, i tied the knot with a person i barely knew then.
Hence i still have these walls surround me. Pity Mr Husband, had to put up with my antics.
But likewise, we learn things everyday.
The more days passed by, the more my heart melt.
We had a little fight recently (little la kot. Kot cerita kat orang malu mek kena gelak gaduh pasai pa haha), but then Allah lead us a way for us to fall in love more towards each other, to know more about one another.
In the end, both of us miss each other badly.
And make silly excuses just so we could meet each other even just briefly.
(did i ever mention Mr Husband is now on his studies so basically we are weekend-couple for about three years to come?)
So yes, i am still getting used to my new title, but am so grateful Allah has given me the best for me.
Why am i so confident he is?
Because......i could not really answer that because that's just how i feel now.
May our journey be blessed by Him always. I know it wont be smooth all the way, i'll feel good enough with His blessing. Amiin.
So then, after a little fight, Mr Husband texted a love note.
I yang ngorat dia (because we fought because of MY tantrum. So, i had to fix it padanmukakaupaghah!), tapi end up i yang blushing sebab tersipu with his note.
So i guess, that text can be my ration at times i fall and could not get up, no? ^_^

hew hew hew

You're entering the cheesy zone and that is not really my writing niche.

Yang Blog tapi Ended the Post Abruptly,
Farah Diana.