Sunday, March 05, 2017


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Ever since Mr Husband asked for help on his studies, i got stuck doing Algebra.
Oh well, I could only help him with Mathematics though because i suck at other subjects especially of those involve Biology and Chemistry or such. BAHAHA! 
So, the other day we studied Index & Logarithm. The index questions has some sort of algebra-ish pattern so i was over the moon. it weird for me to be happy to solve math equations, no?
Well, i don't care!
I am glad i still can solve the simple equations though. 
So for this week, he has assignments in the topic i love most.......obviously; Algebra! YEAYYY!

Tapi, jammed jugak la otak hakak nak recall balik and solve the questions! MWAHAHA! 
But i did it! Yay, Paghah!
Mr, Husband, more Math questions please!

Ps: I should consider finding myself Math excercise books soon.

Yang Ketagih,
Farah Diana.

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